Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

UVa CS 8501 (Fall 2022)

All models are wrong, but some are useful -- George Box


1. Course Information

2. Topics

The goal is to learn machine learning by reading and discussing selected content from several machine learning books and some important machine learning papers. The tentative topics that will be covered in this course

Our lecture schedule can be found here

3. Reading and Discussion Policy

Two important parts of course participation are (1) reading the course materials and (2) participating in class and online discussion.

We use Canvas for announcements and discussion. Please let the instructor or the TA know, if you have not received an invitation.

4. Assignments and Grading Policy

The assignments of this course consist of three parts

Please refer to the grading policy for grading rubric and additional information.

5. Reference


Our reading assignment will be selected from the following textbooks:


Many machine learning related courses are offered in Fall 2022.

Updated: 08/21/2022