Natural Language Processing

UVA CS 6501-011 (Fall 2024)


Week Topics Slides Demo
1 Introduction PDF  
2 Text classification: Logistic regression PDF Logistic Regression
3 Text classification: Feed-forward neural networks PDF Minigrad; Simple NN Classifier
4 Word embeddings: Latent semantic analysis PDF  
5 Word embeddings: Word2vec PDF  
6 Language modeling: n-gram language models PDF Statistical LM
7 Language modeling: Neural network language models PDF  
8 Statistical machine translation PDF  
9 Seq2seq models    
10 Natural language generation PDF  
11 Contextualized word embeddings: Elmo PDF  
12 Transformers and BERT PDF  
13 Efficient Fine-tuning PDF  
14 In-Context Learning PDF  
15 NLP Applications: NLP in medicine    

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